Last month I had the opportunity to join several local style bloggers at a fall fashion preview event hosted by Arlene Goldstein of Belk. Goldstein, vice president of trend merchandising and fashion direction at Belk, was there to help us “find our fabulous,” which was the theme of the evening. She told us all about Belk’s style statements for the upcoming season and how best to rock these looks. The evening also gave me the chance to chat with a few Birmingham bloggers about their favorite fall fashion trends. 

If you’re a style blogger, here are three looks that should be on your radar for fall: 

Complex Simplicity 

This look is all about new proportions and shape shifts, Goldstein said. From oversized and boxy silhouettes to exaggerated sleeves and new age layering, this is an ultra modern look. Playing with textures is key while extreme coatings, metallic finishes, trapunto stitches, and new knits will ensure that your look is far from ordinary. Goldstein recommends sharpening this look with edgy accents, including statement jewelry in architectural shapes, structured handbags, sleek ankle boots, and the always-chic over-the-knee boots. 

This look was a favorite Abby Hathorn of the blog Vintage Inspired Passionista. “I love that this look is all about the details,” she said. 

Abby Hathorn with Arlene Goldstein

His Is Hers

Hathorn said she also likes the His Is Hers style statement because of the classic colors like brown and tan. “It’s a very classy style,” she said, adding that it reminded her of style icons like Katharine Hepburn. 


For this look, ladies, we’re going to borrow from the boys. Expect menswear inspired layers: trousers, crisp white shirts, vests, midi skirts, very important sweaters and more. Plan on pattern mixes as new argyle, herringbone, houndstooth, and animal prints are reinvented and reworked. In fact, just consider these new neutrals. Look for a penchant for plaids, too. Accessories to complement this trend include felt fedoras, satchels, scarves, bold gold chains and statement necks. 

Erica Bunker of the sewing sartorial blog Erica B’s DIY Style said this look was her favorite. “I like the juxtaposition of menswear fabric with feminine style,” she said. “I like the classic fabrics but I still want to look like a woman. With this trend you have serious fabric with a flouncy look.”

Erica Bunker of Erica B’s DIY Style

Jeniese Hosey of The Je ne sais quoi  blog, is a fan of this trend too, but she didn’t need permission to wear more animal print. “I pledge allegience to leopard print,” she said. “Leopard print is my neutral. I’m the girl who wears leopard print shoes instead of black shoes.” 

Jeniese Hosey with Arlene Goldstein

Rebel, Rebel

Hosey said she also likes the Rebel, Rebel trend because it’s feminine but edgy. 


Just as the name suggests, this trend is about getting you out of your comfort zone. This look pushes you to break the rules with unexpected pairings like leather and lace, winter florals and British plaids, feminine silhouettes and moto detailing. With this trend you’ll see studs, nailheads, zips, quilting, and new chain treatments.  Sheers, pleather, dark denim, double-knits, and tweeds are a few of the textiles that will help you send that street-smart message this trend aims to convey. Accessories to enhance this look include chokers, bold statement necks and cuffs in burnished metals, studded and belted ankle boots, and over-the-knee boots.

Buffy York of The Style Gathering was a fan of this style statement, too. She especially liked the open-toe ankle boot and the chic, fashionable twist on the track pant. With this look, she said, you can be fashionable but “it doesn’t come off as stuffy or uninviting.” 

Buffy York of The Style Gathering

If all the elements of these style statements seem a bit overwhelming, don’t fret. Goldstein also gave us a checklist of must-haves for fall, making updating your look for the new season much simpler. 

Belk’s Most Wanted List for Women

  • Soft Pant
  • Longer Skirts
  • Creative Cardigan 
  • Novelty Vest
  • Fashion Sweatshirt 
  • Tunic Top 
  • Midi Length Sheath 
  • Statement Neck 
  • Over the Knee Boots 
  • Satchel