Edward T. Bowser will serve as moderator for tomorrow’s panel
Blogging and the Future of Community Journalism

The moderator for our upcoming event Blogging and the Future of Community Journalism holds a special place in my heart. He has been See Jane Write’s biggest supporter since the moment I had the idea to start this group. He is also my husband!

Edward T. Bowser is a Community Engagement Specialist with the Birmingham hub of Alabama Media Group. 

His love of social media and community service has brought him full-circle back to the world of journalism. A native of Portsmouth, Va, Edward started his newspaper career at The Courier-Journal in Louisville, Ky., where he eventually served as assistant copy desk chief. After moving to Birmingham in 2009, Edward joined advertising agency Luckie & Company, where he immersed himself in all things digital. But now he’s returned to his first love — journalism. At AL.com Edward strives to strengthens the company’s  digital voice by managing their social media accounts while also serving as a community ambassador. His column, Agents of Change, showcases young professionals who are reshaping Birmingham in new and exciting ways.

Outside of the office, you can find Edward ranting about urban music, relationships and pop culture on his blog SoulInStereo.com.

There are two questions I asked all our panelists after they agreed to be part of this discussion and Edward was eager to chime in as well. Check out his responses below: 

What must bloggers who want to be considered journalists do to be taken seriously?

A blogger who wants to be taken seriously as a journalist must first treat the profession of journalism seriously. The mediums may have evolved but the core ideals of journalism remain. That means sourcing your material, not taking anything at face value and forming your own opinions instead of mimicking someone else’s. A strong and trustworthy voice will rise above idle chatter.

What main piece of advice would you give to folks who want to use their blogs to tell important stories in their communities?
Listen to your community. What do they want to hear? What do they need to hear? In the race to be first to break stories or meet revenue goals the reader often suffers. The best way to serve the community is to immerse yourself in it. Meet the residents, listen to their needs and let your blog become their voice. 

This panel discussion is a free event but registration is required. Click here to reserve your spot.