Last night I attended a panel discussion hosted by 90.3  WBHM, Birmingham’s NPR station, that explored the future of journalism in North Central Alabama. Despite the gloom and doom attitude that most people in the audience seemed to have as they proclaimed the death of journalism and the evils of the media, I left that event  motivated. 

I even went home and wrote a love letter to journalism

During the discussion one attendee said journalism shouldn’t even be called journalism anymore. He said reporters aren’t keeping a “journal” so why do we call it “journalism.”

But Andre Natta, editor of the community news website The Terminal and one of the panelists, stepped in and said, “The journal we are keeping is the journal of the communities that we serve.”

This got me to thinking. This got me to thinking about you, ladies of See Jane Write. 

You are the community I serve and I started wondering if there was a way for me to better serve you through this blog. 

Currently, I only use this blog to post information about See Jane Write and recaps of our events.  I use my personal blog to offer musings and words of wisdom on the writing life. But why can’t I do that here, too, with a hyper-local focus?

So tell me what you want. Tell me what you need. What kind of coverage of Birmingham’s literary and media communities would you like to see? What kind of information would you like me to gather and share? 

Please let me know in the comments of this post or by sending me an email. 

And just imagine the possibilities.