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How to Slay Your Day

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Yesterday sucked.

Not only did Alabama lose the Iron Bowl, but my refrigerator died and hubs and I had to spend LOTS of money to buy a new one (which we won’t get for 10 days).

Since my weekend was off to such a terrible start, I was sure all of it would be a bust, but I woke up this morning and just starting slaying my to-do list!

Even if you didn’t have to spend your Saturday night shopping for expensive appliances, you may be in a bad mood today because you’ve had some extra time off for Thanksgiving and tomorrow you have to go back to the daily grind. Well, I want to give you my top five tips for slaying your day so you can go into this work week with confidence.


7 Things I’m Grateful for Right Now

My yoga teacher always says that gratitude is the vehicle needed to drive more happiness into your life. And I think he’s right because if I’m being honest with you this year I haven’t been very happy and I haven’t been very grateful, either. There was a time when I wrote gratitude lists every night before bed, but that’s a practice I abandoned months ago. Now here I am writing a gratitude list because it’s Thanksgiving Day and as a blogger, a post about the things I’m grateful for seems required.

Sure, there are some things I’m always thankful for — neighborhood walks with my husband, the strength to run, dance, and do yoga despite my connective tissue disease, girls night with the few friends in my life who love me for who I am and not what I do.

But lately, I’ve been in a foul mood because this year has been a bit disappointing. I am not where I had hoped to be by the end of 2017 and I’m frustrated. Tuesday morning I had a chat with my business coach about these feelings, these feelings that I know come from falling into the trap of comparison. After reminding me that these feelings are normal, she urged me to make a list of all the things I have accomplished this year.

If you’ve been feeling disappointed or discouraged, I encourage you to make a list of your own. Instead of beating yourself up about all the things you haven’t accomplished this year, celebrate all the things that you have.

Here are 7 accomplishments and opportunities I’m grateful for right now:


How to Manage Your Mindset

When you feel like giving up turn to your tribe to help you manage your mindset.

We are nearing the end of November which means my mind is already on the New Year because if you’ve been following me and my blog for years you know I live by the motto “December is the new January.” Don’t wait until January 1 to work on your 2018 goals. Start now.

Last week I shared 3 things I believe you should do before 2018 to make next year a successful one. I believe you need to get clear on your vision, your worldview, and your goals. But I left out a very important step, perhaps the most important step. And if you don’t do this thing doing the other three won’t matter.

Before 2018 you must learn to manage your mindset. And here’s how I think you can do that.


3 Things to Do Before 2018

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Be a woman to watch. I’ve already decided this will be my mantra for 2018. But there’s no need to wait until January 1 to start crushing my goals. In fact, I believe that to make 2018 the year I want it to be, I need to get to work on next year’s goals right now and I want to help you do the same.

If you want to slay 2018, here are three things I believe you should do before the end of this year.


21 Affirmations for Women Who Write

I regularly post inspirational and motivational quotes on Instagram. One day I posted a quote that simply said: “Let’s see what will happen if you decide not to give up.” A short while later I got a text from a friend who told me that when she saw this quote she burst into tears because all day she had been considering giving up on her dream of being an entrepreneur.

As a writer, I obviously believe in the power of words. I believe we can read books, blog posts, short stories, essays, and poems that can completely change our lives. And as this story shows, even a quote on Instagram seen at the right time can have a huge impact.

But there’s no need to wait around for the right quote to pop up in your social media feed. You can start writing personalized affirmations and speaking them over yourself every day.

Here are 21 affirmations to get you started.


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