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Why Self-Promotion Isn’t Selfish


Most days I pose a question to the ladies of the See Jane Write Facebook group designed to help us get to know one another better. Recently, I asked, “What are your superpowers?”

For mine I listed “teaching, writing, inspiring people, connecting people and cultivating community.” One superpower I failed to mention, though, is my knack for building buzz.

Earlier this year when Southern Living magazine included me in its list of Innovators Changing the South, I wrote a blog post about how I believe I’ve received recognition such as this and a number of other awards and opportunities because I’m good at self-promotion.

I know that for many people, especially women and especially writers, self-promotion feels dirty. Perhaps it even feels selfish. But you’ve got it all wrong.

If you have something truly valuable to offer others, you’re actually being selfish if you don’t promote it!

If your blog post could make someone’s day, if your book could change someone’s life, if your business could solve someone’s biggest problem, why would you keep that to yourself?

Self-promotion seems dirty because it’s usually done in a pushy, forceful, and slimy way. But despite how it sounds, “self-promotion” shouldn’t be simply about promoting yourself. It should be about letting someone know that you have something they need and that you want to help.

Perhaps you’ve gone so long shunning self-promotion that now you’re not even sure where to start. No worries. I got you, girl!

On Saturday, July 23 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. I’ll be hosting a FREE workshop at DISCO on how to build buzz.


Write Yourself Back Together Again

speak your mind

In the wake of the killings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, the Dallas police officers, and others, the past week has drained us all emotionally, spiritually, and perhaps even physically. I do believe that as writers we are to use our words to speak out against injustice. We are to use our writing to help bring about change. We are to speak our minds, even if our voices shake.

But I know that as humans, sometimes tragedy leaves us speechless. Sometimes we just can’t find the words. Sometimes we’re left metaphorically paralyzed by the pain we feel from all the madness around us.

This is why I believe that we must not neglect self-care, even in such a time as this.


The See Jane Write RoundTable is Back!

sjw roundtable

Consider your biggest writing, blogging or branding goal for 2016 that you have yet to accomplish. What’s standing in your way? What’s holding you back? At the See Jane Write Roundtable event we’re going to help you identify your biggest obstacle and help you begin developing a strategy to overcome it.

Do you feel stuck or stagnant? We’re going to help you move forward so you can take your blogging, your business, or your writing career to the next level.

Here’s what attendees of the first See Jane Write Roundtable event had to say about this unique event:

“Gathering with a group of women, many whom I did not know, I had no idea that I would walk away feeling so inspired on my own writing journey, but also so excited for the creativity coming out of See Jane Write,” says Jennifer Dome King of the blog Stellar Fashion and Fitness. “Everyone is so enthusiastic and focused on the dreams they shared, if sometimes a bit timid as to whether we can actually accomplish what we desire. But the encouragement and advice I received at the Roundtable made it clear that with the work and dedication, we really can see these dreams come true. It’s so great to have powerful, supportive women like this to turn to!”

Brie Cash of the blog I Am Woman declared, “I even made a new friend!”

One participant said the See Jane Write Roundtable was a “spiritual experience.”

Meagan Saia of the blog Life of Owen, called it “magical.”

“What was most impressive to me about these women writers is how different we all were, and yet so similar,” Meagan wrote in her recap of the event. “Not only were our outward appearances different but age and jobs and more. So many differences. And yet we were all there for the same reason: to continue to ignite our passion and tell our story.”

Because this is a discussion-style workshop designed to give everyone a chance to get personalized advice, only 15 spots are available for this event. Reserve your spot today at

Light refreshments will be served.

5:30 – 8 p.m., Tuesday, June 21

Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO)

5500 1st Avenue North in Woodlawn


Celebrate Yourself at SOL Dance Experience


What is SOL Dance Experience?

Finding the words to describe SOL Dance Experience is no easy task.

The SOL Dance Experience website simply states: “SOL Dance Experience is a LIGHTS OUT, free-form dance session for women of all fitness levels.”

And you could go to SOL Dance Experience to get in your exercise for the day. Dancing your heart out for a whole hour will certainly help you work up a sweat and burn off some calories. But to call SOL a fitness class just doesn’t seem sufficient.

You could go to SOL Dance Experience simply because you love to dance, but this isn’t the time to work on your technique or to show off your skills. You truly are in complete darkness, save the glow-in-the-dark tabs (or fireflies as the session leaders call them) that help you stay in your own area and keep you from bumping into other dancers.

The SOL mantra is “Find your light in the dark.”

Last night I went to SOL Dance Experience to celebrate my 35th birthday with a dozen members of See Jane Write. Using SOL Dance Experience as a birthday party isn’t necessarily a thing, but I certainly think it will become one after last night’s session.


How to Write Your Vision

write the vision 2

On Monday, December 14 See Jane Write hosted a workshop on how to write your vision for your personal and professional life. This free event was led by Lois Weinblatt of True North Business Development. Lois specializes in helping entrepreneurs and organizations craft visions to guide their futures. This workshop was the perfect way to end 2015 and get excited about 2016.

Do you have a vision?

You probably think you do, but there’s a great chance that you don’t.


Let’s Get Ready for 2016!

jan 2016
Image by Jeff Djevdet via Flickr/Creative Commons

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of the last month of 2015?!

I plan to spend much of December planning for 2016 so that it will be my best year yet and I want to help you do the same.


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