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Dreams & Goals

Happy Veteran’s Day

women in war

Each year I celebrate Veteran’s Day by watching the Maker’s documentary Women in War.

And this year I’m also thinking about all the women and men who have made sacrifices in the military and beyond so I could enjoy the rights and privileges I have today.

Because of the brave, I am free. And I will not waste this freedom. I will use it to live out my dreams and help others do the same.

Young, Black, & Feminist

The Women Who Shape the State luncheon was a great moment made even better by the fact that my wonderfully supportive husband was by my side. (And behind the camera taking pictures for this post!)

As I type this my heart is so full it’s really hard to put into words how I feel.


See Jane Write founder selected as one of 30 “Women Who Shape the State”


Name a woman who has shaped Alabama for the better. What difference has she made in the lives of those around her?

That’s the question Alabama Media Group posed to readers for its second annual search for the Women Who Shape the State. I am honored to announce that I was one of the more than 100 women nominated and one of the 30 women selected to be recognized this year!


My Secret to Getting Things Done


How do you do it all?

People ask me this question a lot despite the fact that this is usually asked of career women with kids and I have no children. But I suppose the question is valid because I do quite a bit: I run See Jane Write, which includes hosting monthly events and offering coaching and consulting programs for women writers, bloggers, entrepreneurs. I teach English at a local fine arts school (so maybe I do have kids — 100 of them!). I blog (obviously) and I freelance for several local publications. I’m a wife, daughter, sister and friend. I’m active in my community and church. And I try to exercise regularly, too.

Because of all of this, people are always asking me how I manage my time and some even ask, “What’s your secret?”


I Am a Mess

women who inspire
In October of 2015 I was honored by Girls on the Run Birmingham as one of four local “Women Who Inspire,” along with Girls on the Run founder Molly Barker. But at the time I didn’t feel very “INSPIRATIONAL.”

A year ago today I was at the Clubhouse on Highland being honored by Girls On the Run Birmingham as one of the city’s “Women Who Inspire.” I walked through the door and was greeted with handshakes, hugs, and a hot pink sash that read. “Inspirational.” I draped it across my body noting the nice contrast with my grey dress. I smiled as my proud husband took my photo for the obligatory Facebook and Instagram posts.

But I felt like a fraud.

I didn’t feel inspirational. I felt like a mess.


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