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Dreams & Goals

The Virtues Project

I call it The Virtues Project.

Every year in the Early American Literature class that I teach, I assign my students a project for which they emulate Benjamin Franklin’s renowned self-improvement project. In his Autobiography, which we study in my class, Franklin details his attempt to “arrive at moral perfection.” Franklin made a list of 13 virtues and a book of charts to track his efforts to maintain these virtues perfectly.

Franklin’s project went on for many months, but I challenge my students to pick 7 “virtues” that they will track for 7 days. They usually pick bad habits they want to break like biting their nails or cursing or good habits they want to adopt like exercising and eating vegetables. It’s so fun to read about their results!

But I recently realized that I could use a revised version of Franklin’s project to keep myself on track for 2017.


Hello 2017

This will be the year I believe in magic.

This will be the year I dream my wildest dreams and wholeheartedly believe that each one of them will come true.

Believing in magic doesn’t mean I will work less. This will be the year I hustle harder than I ever have before. But this year I will accept that sometimes hustle isn’t enough. Sometimes you need magic.

And magic is that place where gumption meets grace.


December is the New January



I know what you’re thinking: “OK. Javacia really needs to stop waking up at 4 a.m. That girl is so sleepy she doesn’t know what month it is!”

Don’t worry. I’m fully aware that today is December 1, not January 1, but for me December is the new January. Gone are the days of waiting until January 1 to start working on my goals for the New Year. I’m going to start slaying my 2017 goals TODAY.


5 Mantras That Get Me Through Tough Weeks

Is it just me or has this week seemed never ending. I thought it was Thursday two days ago!

My husband says he thinks last week’s presidential election destroyed the space-time continuum. And I think he’s right.

It’s weeks like these when I need to fill my mind with as much inspiration and affirmation as I can.

Here are five of my favorite mantras that help get me hard days and weeks that never seem to end:



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