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Dreams & Goals

3 Things to Do Before 2018

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Be a woman to watch. I’ve already decided this will be my mantra for 2018. But there’s no need to wait until January 1 to start crushing my goals. In fact, I believe that to make 2018 the year I want it to be, I need to get to work on next year’s goals right now and I want to help you do the same.

If you want to slay 2018, here are three things I believe you should do before the end of this year.


21 Affirmations for Women Who Write

I regularly post inspirational and motivational quotes on Instagram. One day I posted a quote that simply said: “Let’s see what will happen if you decide not to give up.” A short while later I got a text from a friend who told me that when she saw this quote she burst into tears because all day she had been considering giving up on her dream of being an entrepreneur.

As a writer, I obviously believe in the power of words. I believe we can read books, blog posts, short stories, essays, and poems that can completely change our lives. And as this story shows, even a quote on Instagram seen at the right time can have a huge impact.

But there’s no need to wait around for the right quote to pop up in your social media feed. You can start writing personalized affirmations and speaking them over yourself every day.

Here are 21 affirmations to get you started.


How I Plan My Week

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I call it the Sunday Slay.

That’s my name for the hour that I spend each Sunday meticulously planning the week ahead and it’s one of the ways I manage to juggle a full-time teaching schedule with writing for several publications, running See Jane Write, exercising, and trying to have a social life.

Here’s how you too can use Sunday to can set yourself up to slay the week ahead.  (more…)

What’s Your Game-Changer Goal?

Last week I challenged you to set goals for November and the #bloglikecrazy challenge. This week I want you to add another goal to the list or to at least make one of the goals you’ve already set a top priority. This week I want you to think about your game-changer goal.


Setting Goals for November and #bloglikecrazy

This is it — it’s November 1, the first day of #bloglikecrazy. This month many bloggers across the country and I will attempt to blog every single day.

As we enter this challenge and this month it’s important to set specific goals for the next 30 days. What do you hope to get out of #bloglikecrazy? What other goals and intentions do you have for November? Could working toward these goals help you produce more content for #bloglikecrazy?


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