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How to Raise $1,000 for Your Favorite Charity

Last fall I committed to raising (or donating) $750 for the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham during the month leading up to the organization’s big annual fundraiser, Smart Party. Those of us who sign up for this challenge are called Smarty Pants and how can you not want to be given that distinction?! My very frugal husband, however, was very nervous about this endeavor, worried that I’d only raise about 20 bucks and that we’d have to shell out the rest. But because of the generosity of the community I’ve built around the See Jane Write blog and brand, I raised over $1,000!

And now I’m at again. I’m working to raise $750 for the Women’s Fund by October 12, the day of this year’s Smart Party. If you’d like to help, simply click here to make your donation. Even a contribution of $10 would help and would be much appreciated.

If you’d like to use your platform for good, here’s a look into how I raised $1,000 last year and what I plan to do to pull off this feat once again.


3 Reasons to Attend Magic City Fashion Week’s Bloggers Night Out

The organizers of Magic City Fashion Week are as much about community as they are couture.

Magic City Fashion Week is set for October 24 – 28, but creators Daniel Grier and Derek Matthews (the designers behind Splashed by DKG) are already busy adding magic to the Magic City through a series of smaller events leading up to the big week. Grier and Matthews see Magic City Fashion Week as an opportunity to not only cultivate, connect, and showcase Birmingham’s designers, beauty industry professionals, photographers, videographers, and models but also Birmingham bloggers.

Last month they hosted their first Bloggers Night Out, a networking event meant to help connect local bloggers with one another. On Monday, Sept. 18 at 6 p.m. at the rooftop bar at Redmont Hotel, MCFW organizers will host another Bloggers Night Out event. Here are three reasons you need to RSVP for this event right here, right now.


New co-working space will help Birmingham entrepreneurs “Forge” ahead

When Kim Lee started learning more about the concept of co-working spaces she quickly realized that Birmingham-area entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers needed a place where they could work and collaborate with others without signing a long-term lease. And eventually, Lee realized she should be the person to create such a space.

“My undergrad is in business and I have a master’s in counseling,” Lee says. ” As I studied and researched co-working more, it became clearer to me that my background is actually perfect for this is a business concept.”

And so the Forge was born.


Must-See Movies at Sidewalk Film Festival 2017

my gear from Sidewalk Fest 2016


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — good writers read good writing. But I believe good writers watch good writing too, good writing that comes in the form of good movies. And that’s why every year you’ll find me at the Sidewalk Film Festival. If you’re in the Birmingham area, I hope to see you at this weekend’s festival, August 25-27.

There are always so many films showing at Sidewalk that sometimes I feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which films I’m going to see.

Fortunately, I have a pal to help me out.  One of my colleagues at the Alabama School of Fine Arts is also a features programmer for the festival. Corey Craft has written about film since 2009, for five years as the primary film writer for The Tuscaloosa News and now exclusively for the upstart arts and entertainment website He also teaches a history of film class at ASFA and has a degree in telecommunications and film with an emphasis in critical studies from the University of Alabama. So he knows his stuff.

I had a chat with him about the best movies to catch this weekend.


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