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Stay ready, so you won’t have to get ready. That’s a favorite saying of a friend of mine and over the past couple years it’s become a favorite of mine, too. If you’re a writer, blogger or small business owner, staying ready not only means keeping your website updated and your business card stash replenished, it also means being preparing to talk about your blog, book, or business anytime, anyplace. Can you do that?

Last year, that ability was put to the test in a way I never expected: I had to pitch my business in the middle of a gynecological exam!

mia-profileDr. Mia Cowan of MiBella Wellness Center is my gynecologist and she’s awesome.  She’s accessible and knowledgable, yet funny and down-to-earth. And MiBella Wellness Center offers so much more than gynecological services. She also offers a physician-directed weight loss program with a focus on behavior modification, not crash dieting, for longterm success. And she offers hormone balance therapy, too.

Last year Dr. Cowan and I were making small talk before one of my exams and she told me she was interested in doing more speaking engagements. She had read on the See Jane Write website that I not only frequently spoke at events but had helped a few of my consultation clients land public speaking opportunities of their own. She wanted to know more about my consultations and more about the community of women I’d been building.

But it was now time for my exam.

I could have paused the conversation and offered to just send her information via email. But Dr. Cowan is a busy woman. I had her attention in that moment and I wasn’t going to let that chance slip away. So right then and there, with my feet in those dreaded stirrups, I told her all about See Jane Write.

Today Dr. Cowan is a See Jane Write member and MiBella Wellness Center is a sponsor of Saturday’s See Jane Write 5th Anniversary Party. One lucky attendee will win a free initial weight loss consultation with Dr. Cowan.

Currently, she’s working on branding herself as Dr. Mia The B3 specialist: Beauty, Balance and Belief, through gynecology, hormone balance and weight loss for total wellness. You can learn more at

This post is sponsored by MiBella Wellness Center but all opinions are my own.

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